The Housing Choices Advisory Committee, a special panel of developers, city councilors, city planners and Salem citizens, will be holding a public meeting on November 29 at 5:30 in the Salem Library’s Anderson Meeting Room to discuss the city’s options regarding the regulation of accessory dwelling units — sometimes called granny flats — that are being considered as a way to add to the city’s housing stock. The committee is taking public input on what, if any, restrictions to place on the design, size, placement and construction of these units, and will present a report to the City Council to help guide the development of new regulations.

As an area with high population density, Northeast Neighbors residents and property owners will be directly impacted by the regulations the city eventually drafts. Let your voice be heard by attending the next meeting.

For more information, contact Eunice Kim of the City of Salem’s Planning Department at (503) 540-2308 or via email at