Anyone know an aspiring welder in the Northeast Neighbors neighborhood? If so, some financial aid is available for vocational training. From a NextDoor posting earlier today:

$3,000 tuition assistance – Welding Training & Certificate
Genevieve Sheridan from Grant ยท 21h ago
I work for a non-profit in Salem called MERIT (Micro Enterprise Resources Initiatives & Training). We need to use up some grant funding before the end of the year:
Get $3,000 to help pay for welding training and certificate at R&S Welding Mentors school in Salem, OR. Sign up before Dec. 31.
MERIT is a non-profit in Salem that helps you save $1,000 of your own money toward welding education in an IDA account (Individual Development Account). Our program is called Jobs Savers IDA. Once you have saved $1,000, we match your savings dollars 3 to 1 and give you $3,000 to use toward tuition at R&S Welding Mentors, a school that our organization partners with.
Some people say it sounds too good to be true, but you do have to do some work: financial education, personal development plan, education plan with the welding school. We are part of a statewide effort to help Oregonians build assets. Funding for the Job Savers IDA comes from city and state grants.
1. 18 years or older at time of enrollment at the welding school
2. Residential address in the Salem city limits
3. Have earned income (employment, unemployment, SSI, TANF, etc)
2. Household income is less than 80% of the median income for Marion county
(example: a 2 person family can earn up to $40,600)
3. Household net worth is equal to or less than $20,000 (not including first house or auto)
4. Ability to open a savings account with one of our financial institution partners
5. Sign a Savings Agreement Plan
6. Save $1,000 in approx. 6 months
7. Complete an assessment & orientation at R&S Welding Mentors in Salem
8. Complete Asset Building & Financial Literacy training hours through MERIT
Call or email Genevieve to set up an appointment: 503-399-3524
We have several spots that need to be filled before Dec. 31