The City of Salem will be live streaming its City Council meetings on its Facebook page. According to an announcement issued by the city:

“City Council meetings are a critical part of how the City of Salem government works. We recognize that for various reasons most residents are not able to attend every meeting. That’s why we are bringing the meetings to the residents via Facebook Live. Thanks to our partnership with CCTV Salem, the City Council livestream will appear in the newsfeeds of residents who follow our Facebook page. All Council meetings going forward will be archived and viewable on our Facebook page as well.

Facebook Live presents an exciting opportunity to residents in that they are able to interact with other viewers in real-time. Not only are viewers able to comment and have conversations with other viewers, they can also indicate their feelings by clicking the appropriate response icon. Do you like what a particular City councilor just said? Hit the ‘Like’ button. Do you love the way that Council voted on a particular resolution a few minutes later? Hit the ‘heart’ button. What makes it even better is that you can hit each of those buttons multiple times to show the world how you feel.

For residents who don’t have a Facebook account, they can watch the meetings live on the CCTV Salem YouTube page, or on cable channel 21.”